Author Archives: Carl Schell Website Launched 0 has been launched.  This is a site that I have been working on for my current employer for a bit over a year so check it out! Website Design 0

I just got done updating the KeatsConnelly website so check it out! Design 0

I did the design work for which is a custody calendar for divorced or separate families. Website Design 0

I finished up the redesign of the website, click the images below to see a larger version: Web Design 0

I made a quick one page design for my Brother In-Law for his new Facebook, Farmville application. Click for a larger view: Direct Link:

US Hud Website Designs 0

I finished up the redesign of the US Hud family of sites, click on any of the images below to see a larger version: Direct Links:

Sardine Software Website Redesign 0

I finished a new redesign of the Sardine Software Website, click on the images below for a larger version: Direct Link:

Attack of the Dust Bunnies iPhone Game! 0

Our first iPhone game has officially been announced and submitted to the App Store.  I am excited to see the reception and to see it sell well!   Anyway, click on the image below to see the website:

iPhone Games 0

I have been working on some iPhone games which are pretty fun!  Nice break from the longer projects I am used to working on   I will post some more details when they are announced…

Damnation is on shelves NOW! 0