As an artist who has a strong interest in the technical side of Game/Software Development, I dabbled in a bit of programming and scripting for my personal and work use.  In general, when I find a usability problem with a pipeline or work method, I will try to streamline the process a bit by writing a tool that can help.  Here are some of the utilties I have put together…


I have a few MaxScripts that I have put together over the years to enhance productivity for our Internal and External teams.  Each of which, I can’t offer for download as they are specific to the company I am working for.  They range from spline generation to animation export and have increased our productivity immensely.

Visual Basic / C# Programs

Egg Timer Plus

Quick, small, easy to use stopwatch and timer program.

White Noise Player

Simple Noise Reduction for your Headphones. Concentrate in a room full of people and reduce the noise!!

Tree View Outliner

Tree View Outliner allows you to organize and keep all of your notes, thoughts, to-do items, lists, tasks, bills and almost any information you want to keep, in one location.

Easy WinKey Blocker:

Disable both the left and right windows winkey on your keyboard. I made this little program because I was having a problem where I would hit the Windows Key while working in 3d Studio Max and it would crash Max.