2009 – Damnation (PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3)

Position: Technical Art Director / Production Director

  • Fluent in the Unreal 3 Engine, including all world building tools, Kismet, Animation Tools, Material Editor, Matinee as well as a working understanding of UnrealScript.
  • Created pipelines, guidelines and documentation for external teams working on many aspects of the game development process including Art, World Building, Scripting, Cinematics, Audio and Programming.
  • Worked closely with outsourced partners to facilitate communication between our different external teams.
  • Documented and facilitated the technical implementation entire gameplay systems including, tools, weapons, player abilities, vehicles, AI, camera, and scripting.
  • Modeled and textured ‘keystone’ assets that would set the visual and technical goal for our outsourced partners. This included creation of gameplay models from start to finish including the 3d Model, Normal Model, and Textures.
  • Designed and laid out entire gameplay areas and worlds (approx. 5-8 hours of gameplay) to guide the art teams when filling in the art for the areas.
  • Created and maintained the technical requirements and restrictions for the worlds and characters, animations, sound and cinematics.
  • Created and maintained tools using MaxScript and Visual Basic.
  • Debugged and fixed problems with memory, framerate, etc. for the Xbox360 and Playstation3.

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